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ERP solution in Canada for web, label, large format, digital print and mail

DCM provides printed services in a wide range of formats. The facilities supporting these services ran on a combination of seven different operating systems, with a combination of proprietary solutions and third-party print specific platforms. The size of the facilities also ranged from a small digital facility with few operators, to large printing facilities with over 100 operators. For DCM it was critical to move to a platform that would fit all formats and sizes within the organization.


Why DynamicsPrint was the perfect fit for DCM

  • Implementation of contractual pricing, cost estimation and price book methodology
  • Custom implementation of shop floor data collection and scheduling from site to site

The DynamicsPrint solution was able to meet the wide range of needs that these very different print solutions required. The configurable estimating system of the application provided the functionality needed to support the different pricing models, which included contractual pricing, cost estimating and a price book methodology. The use of shop floor data collection, and the scheduling solution were also implemented differently from site to site depending on the product supported. The solution provided the flexibility to fit the correct modules in regards to each facility.

Serving 70 of the top 100 largest corporations in Canada, DCM has unparalleled expertise delivering efficient and on-brand business communications and marketing solutions.

Operating in 19 locations across North America and looking for an ERP system to help reduce costs, mitigate risk, streamline the process automation and offer a best-in class production/fulfillment strategy, DCM found DynamicsPrint with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

DynamicsPrint provided the flexibility to optimize all functionalities in the facilities, despite the different needs from site to site.

Since launch, DCM continues to have a successful partnership with DynamicsPrint in order to support their customized solution. DP offers planned updates to the platform as well as support to future business changes that will require configurations to be altered/updated.

Evaluation of DynamicsPrint

“The professional and highly skilled DynamicsPrint team led the implementation to develop the expertise internally at DCM with a team of Subject Matter Experts from each of the specialized print production areas. DynamicsPrint’s expertise regarding the system and the industry were instrumental to ensuring the configurations were done properly. As this is a highly configurable solution, the approach and implementation was very well structured and ensured that the team worked from the basic setups to the more complex setups with a pace that was manageable and retainable.

DynamicsPrint adjusted the resource requirements to accommodate both technical and functional areas of expertise as needed throughout the project, providing best practice directives to ensure that the proper approach was being followed.”

— Karen Redfern, VP Operations Technology

Customer: Data Communication Management


Location: 19

Employees: 2.000

Country: Canada

Industry: Rotary/Web, Label, Large Format, Commercial, Digital Print, Security Printing and Mail Applications.

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