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ERP solution in Mexico for packaging, displays, POS, commercial print and offset

Foli is one of the leading packaging, display, and commercial printing companies in Mexico. In 1988 they were established as a small printing company dedicated to making basic brochures. The commitment to their clients and the quality of their products catapulted them to grow exponentially. They want the latest technology, which ensures the execution of their projects follow the highest quality standards.


Why DynamicsPrint was the perfect fit for Foli

Today Foli got a fully integrated solution that can handle their entire workflow from estimating, sales, supply chain, production, and finance.

With Microsoft Dynamics and DynamicsPrint, Foli can handle all operations within their very comprehensive machine park, which contains:

  • Packaging
  • Commercial Offset
  • UV Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Automatic Die Cutting
  • Carton Lamination
  • Plotters
  • Plastic Lamination
  • Cutting
  • Binding


Evaluation of DynamicsPrint

Foli is focused on making precise quotations.
Angel Viveros, Estimation and Planning Manager, Foli De Mexico had this to say about DP: “DynamicsPrint with IMP is the heart of our planning estimations and imposition systems. Estimating has become an important science. Our young estimators can deliver accurate plans just as an experienced estimator, with loads of experience, would.”


Employee: 440

Revenue: $45 million

Year Started: 1988

Country: Mexico

Industry: Packaging, Displays, POS Material, Commercial Printing, and Offset Printing

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