Printers Predict What The Markets Will Look Like In Five Years

Sep 4 2023

Printers Predict What The Markets Will Look Like In Five Years

Printing Impressions recently asked printers representing five key markets within the overall commercial printing segment how they viewed those markets five years ahead. Their responses provide individualized views on how they view future market engagement. Read down below what printers predict the key commercial printing markets will look like five years from now…

Market: General Commercial Printing
Cris SoRelle, CEO at Pioneer Press (Greeley, Colorado), says, “the commercial printing industry is going to have a tough next five years.” Moving forward, he sees big changes in the market, and anticipates a recession later in the decade. “You’ll see the healthiest companies survive. I’m pretty confident we’re one of them. We’ve been able to grow through the challenges.”

Market: Direct Mail
Bruce Mandell, owner of Data-Mail (Newington, Connecticut), says, “I’m optimistic that five years from now, direct mail will continue as a method for acquisition growth.” He says he doesn’t currently see anything else that will remove direct mail from its current position. As for the work being done, Mandell sees an increased use of color as printers adapt to new technologies, and continued creative approaches by agencies. Regarding the use of AI, he adds, “I hope five years from now, we’ll be able to target individuals in a more efficient way.”

Market: Transactional
For Christina Esparza, vice president of operations at InfoIMAGE (Coppell, Texas), how that market looks moving forward may depend on changes in legislation, particularly HP 1807, which would allow financial institutions to send regulatory document electronically. She says some states and principalities are also looking to legislate mail opt-outs as a default, which could profoundly affect the way transactional communications, such as statements, are delivered. “Long-term,” she says, “we’re going to see changes in the amount of communications that can be sent [by mail], so the value of printed pieces will need to be higher.”

Market: Nonprofits
Michael Berning Jr., vice president of sales and marketing at Jos. Berning Printing (Cincinnati, Ohio) thinks the company’s nonprofit clients will begin to pull away from a misconception that “fancy” looking printing will lead donors to assume a nonprofit is not spending responsibly. “In five years,” he says, “we will continue to debunk those thoughts. I’m excited about this market pushing the envelope (pun intended), and seeking out the coolest finishing and effects we have to offer.” He says new processes and techniques are becoming more economical to use and offer nonprofits the opportunity to increase their marketing and fundraising ROIs.

Market: Healthcare
“We will see a lot more targeted electronic delivery that will slowly reduce paper volume,” says Cleve Shultz, CEO and president of Data Media Associates (Alpharetta, Georgia). While he says the motivation for e-delivery is to remove cost and increase engagement, he says the transition “isn’t going to happen overnight – it will be a slow adoption over different parts of the population.” Moving forward, Shultz sees e-contact as a more cost-effective precursor to print, which will serve as a follow-up.

This is what printers predict the key commercial printing markets will look like five years from now.

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